Singapore Airlines is a renowned airline that makes the journey of passengers easy and comfortable with its best and premium services. There are a tremendous amount of available offers for frequent fliers as well. But if you have faced any inconvenience, then Singapore Airlines customer service is also available for you to provide the best assistance possible.

Are you going to take the information regarding the flight status from Singapore Airlines? But you don’t get it due to you don’t know. How do I talk to someone on Singapore Airlines? So, such methods to speak with the live agent are stated below.

Talk with a Singapore person via call: For that, open the Singapore Airlines on your search engine.

  1. Search for the “contact us” tab. And click on that option 

  2. After that, find the phone calling mode

  3. Get the phone number +1 (833) 727-0118 and make dialing the call

  4. Wait for some time to connect the call, speak with the live agent, and resolve all issues by talking with them.

Talk with a Singapore person via email: you need to go to the email option under the customer support page. And tap on that option. After that, the email form will open.

  • Enter your query on the form that is requisite

  • After that, request for getting assistance from the airline person

  • Add all the credential that is required to fill in.

  • After that, send the mail to

Via the official website:

You can use the official website to connect with a customer service agent, as the contact details can be found on a single page easily. Follow the steps below to get the solution to your query.

  • Open the page and click "Contact Us"
  • The page that opens will show the specific numbers that can be used to get the solution for a particular problem.
  • You can fill out a form to get help. You have to fill in your name, number, email address, and the query.
  • Get a reply within a week from an agent.

Hence, these methods will help you easily talk with the live person at Singapore Airlines. Thus, further, you have any doubts, talk with them on their social media or live chat method quickly.

How can I contact Singapore Airlines from USA?

Contacting Singapore Airlines is easy, and it can be done through various methods such as online, through a call, and more. Read all the steps and processes of different methods, and you will be able to contact customer service at Singapore Airlines.

How to contact Singapore Airlines through call?

Reaching customer service at Singapore Airlines by call is easy; you have to dial Singapore Airline phone number '1833 727 0118,' and after following some IVR instructions given on the call, you can connect to the executive or representative and can ask about the queries and problems you are having regarding any of the issues and questions and the executive will provide you the resolutions for the same.

How to contact singapore airlines through chat?

Getting your queries clear through the chat method can be done easily by following the steps which are mentioned, so read the steps and know the process to reach them through the chat option;

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Go to the 'help' option on the screen above.
  • You will be taken to the next page, where you can find the 'chat now' option.
  • Click on the same, and you will be connected to the chat assistant or customer service agent; you can send your queries to them, and they will solve them.


Through Phone:- You are allowed any of the services that are offered by Singapore Airlines through their active customer support. Primarily you may access the phone call facility by dialing the airline’s phone number 1833-727-0118, here are some points you should also remember:-

  • When you make a call on the number, you have to choose your language for the call.
  • Now, Listen to the IVR instructions and press the button to avail of the service of your concern.
  • Every service is equipped with the option of a live representative facility, select that particular number and talk to a real person from Singapore Airlines.

Through Social Media:- If you are looking for one more instant reply facility in Singapore Airlines, then social media platforms are best for you. You can reach the airline’s official social networking pages, which are operated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You need to have your account on any of these portals and then login into it. Then you can search “Singapore Airlines” in the search bar. You can contact the airline from the “Message” icon and get answers from the social media team.


Are you going to do the check-in with Singapore Airlines but you don’t know How early can I check in for Singapore Airlines? So, You can complete your check-in up to 48 hours before flight departure time, at least 1.5 hours before flight time. 

How to contact Singapore Airlines through mail

You can also write and send a letter to the US mail address of singapore airline which is located at '17801 International Blvd, PMB #123. Seattle, WA 98158'. And the customer service will reply to you with the answers to your problems.

What is the 24-hour hotline for Singapore Air?

As mentioned above, you can contact Singapore Airlines through the Singapore Airlines phone number '1833 727 0118', and after the IVR instructions given in the call, you will be directly connected to customer service, which will help you regarding any issue and problem. The IVR instructions might be like 

  • Press 1 for the booking-related issue.
  • Press 2 for the upgrades.
  • Press 3 for the cancellations.
  • press 4 for the refund related issues.
  • Press 5 for the check-in-related issues.
  • Press the '0' key to directly connect to the executive.

How do I contact singapore airlines from UK?

Reaching customer service at Singapore Airlines in the UK is easy; you can connect to the airline through different methods such as by call, chat, and mail. Yes, you can put all your queries to them regarding any aspect of flying. Read all the methods given below;

  • For the call, you would have to dial '020 7660 8988', and after following some IVR instructions, you will be directly connected to the customer service executive who will provide you with the solutions to your problems.
  • You can also connect to singapore Airlines through the chat option present on its official website by going to the 'help' option and then clicking on the 'chat now' option, and the chat will be started with the customer service.
  • You can write an email to '' addressing all your queries, and customer service will reply to you with the answers.

How do I call Singapore Airlines from Australia?

You can contact Singapore Airlines from Australia by dialing '027209 4388,' and after following some IVR instructions, you will be directly connected to customer service at Singapore Airlines; you can ask bout any of the issues you are having related to any services provided by the singapore airlines such as the related to bookings, upgrades, cancellations, refunds and any aspect of flying. Customer support will help you resolve your issues. You should call during the off-peak hours, such as at the time of early morning and midnight to avoid getting on waiting line or on hold.

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