How Much Does it Cost to Check A Bag At Hawaiian Airlines ?

Hawaiian Airlines Check in Baggage

Hawaiian Airlines provides some guidelines on their checked baggage allowance. Suppose you have booked your flight with Hawaiian Airlines and will board your flight quickly. In that case, you must know the  Hawaiian Airline check-in baggage policy and allowance to travel smoothly and carefree. In case you want to exceed the limit of your baggage so, through the help of this document, you will be able to make changes to your checked and carry-on baggage with Hawaiian Airlines traveling. Hawaiian Airlines has established a standard luggage policy for their passengers wherein they also may have to pay some fee less than the other airlines. This information will guide you about their baggage policy; you must read this document thoroughly.

What Are The Checked Bag Rules For Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Airlines provide some checked baggage ruleS for their passengers, which are below mentioned:

  • Passengers should not exceed the limit of outside dimensions and the maximum weight of their checked baggage from 62 inches and 22.5 kg.
  • Sometimes, this airline may accept heavier and larger baggage, but they need to pay some oversized and overweight luggage fees.
  • Passengers must have a label on their checked baggage, including their contact number and name.
  • Passengers must ensure that their luggage is always available for inspection by Hawaiian Airlines authority or any government agency.
  • Hawaiian Airlines authority has the power to refuse the transport of your luggage at any time.
  • When you arrive at your destination, then your luggage will check.
  • Hawaiian Airlines will deliver your luggage at the baggage claim area in Airport.
  • Hawaiian Airlines officials will not transport your luggage on another scheduled flight you will not fly, so your luggage can only be transported through your scheduled flight.

How Many Bags Are Free on Hawaiian Airlines?

Sometimes passengers want to know about the free bags for their traveling so that they can add more items to their luggage. So, for people's information, they may carry one check-in baggage and one personal item for free on their flight. 

  • However, passengers can also exceed their baggage limit from their specific limit, but in that event, they need to pay an overweight and excess baggage limit charge.
  • A passenger carrying two complimentary checked bags will be valued for the first and second checked luggage fees.

How Early Can I check A Bag Hawaiian Airlines?

If a passenger is going to board their flight with Hawaiian Airlines and wants to know the early they can check their luggage, so to know the Check-in information for baggage, you have to read the below-given points for your reference:

  • Passengers must arrive at least 3 hours early to check their baggage for Hawaiian Airlines international flights at the Airport.
  • Passengers must arrive at least 2 hours early to check their luggage for Hawaiian Airlines domestic flights at the designated Airport.

How much does it cost to check a bag at Hawaiian Airlines?

When passengers exceed the limit of their checked luggage or carry the third bag after two free bag allowances, it will be associated with some baggage fee they must pay. Luggage fees depend on the destination for which it has been checked. A passenger must pay an additional fee for overweight luggage and standard bags when carrying overweight checked baggage. Below are some luggage fees mentioned for your assistance.

  • If you add a third or any extra luggage, you need to pay $50, and for the first checked baggage, you will charge $25; for the second checked baggage, you need to pay $35 per piece flying within the state of Hawaii.
  • If you travel domestically, you need to pay $30 for the first luggage, $40 for the second baggage, and $100 for any additional standard bag.
  • If you have overweight luggage, you will charge an additional fee of $35 for within Hawaii and $50 for each overweight piece in domestic traveling.
  • Passengers with oversized baggage must pay $100 for domestic traveling in Hawaii and $35 for the state of Hawaii.

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