Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees


When you start a journey, many issues and questions surround you. To save yourself from all these problems, you must stay informed about the things that could come your way. There are things such as allowance or carry-on baggage, check-in, or what is Frontier Airlines Baggage fees; if you are aware of all these questions, it will become easy for you to travel with the Airlines. However, before you go further on the baggage fees of Frontier Airlines, you must be aware of their baggage policy which directly affects the fees they take for your luggage. In this read, we will look into the guidance given in Frontier Airlines Baggage policy and the fees they require for it.

  1. You must know all the terms and conditions of Frontier’s Baggage Policy so that you will be able to resolve your queries yourself:
  2. Make sure you purchase your checked baggage and carry-on luggage as early as possible so that you have to pay less fees than last days.
  3. If your checked baggage exceeds 62in/157.4cm (Length + Width + Height) and 40lb/18.1kg weight, it will be considered overweight, and you will have to pay the oversized baggage fees for it.
  4. Ensure that your carry-on baggage does not exceed 10 inches in depth, 16 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 35 lb/15.8kg in weight and fits into the overhead bin or under the seat.
  5. The personal item or bag that is allowed must not exceed 8in depth, 18in width, and 14in height.
  6. Make sure your bags get checked at least 45 minutes before the domestic and 60 minutes before the international flight.


  1. Carry-on luggage on the flight is not allowed free of cost. You have to pay for it according to the weight of your luggage.
  2. Frontier Airlines allows one personal item free with carry-on luggage, a laptop bag, handbag, purse, or briefcase.
  3. Booking on Web/Mobile App: Depending on the bags you carry, you have to pay $48 to $54 for one bag, $68 to $74 for two bags, and $88 to $94 for more than three bags.
  4. Check-in on Web/Mobile App: You have to pay $59 to $64 for one bag,$79 to $84 for two bags, and $99 to $104 for more than three bags.
  5. Kiosk or Ticket Counter: Baggage fees at the Airport are different, but it will be the same for the kiosk and ticket counter. You can check-in through any of them. It is $79 for one bag, $89 for two, and $95 for more than three bags.

Through Call Center: Through this, you have to pay $79 to $84 for one bag. For two bags, it is $89 to $94, and for more than three bags it is $95 to $100.


No, Frontier does not allow any free checked bags. They do allow one free item (purse, laptop bag, handbag) with the carry-on luggage for other bags, they do charge a fee for each bag.
All the information is available about the baggage policy and the fees that Frontier Airlines will charge you for the baggage. Go through it and enlighten yourself. For additional details, visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.

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