How to Flydubai Manage Booking

  Flydubai Manage Booking

Suppose you have booked tickets on Flydubai, and after that, some ticket modification requirements arise, like reschedule cancellation or any change related to your booking. To make the changes, you can do the following on flydubai manage booking, given by the airline for passenger's convenience.

  • Reach 
  • Click on the manage booking tab on the homepage
  • type last name and booking reference number 
  • Click on view booking
  • Your complete details will appear on the screen
  • Make the desired changes
  • Pay the required change fees
  • Receive confirmation on the changes made in your email.

The kind of changes that can be made on flydubai manage booking:

  • You can add or remove a passenger
  • You can select a seat or add a meal for the journey
  • Add baggage
  • Reschedule or cancel the flight
  • Upgrade the class on the ticket 

What IS PNR Number in Fly Dubai?

PNR  specifies Passenger Name Record, and it is a six alphanumeric number that comes with a combination of both letters and numbers. Every PNR number is unique and non-transferable. A digital certificate is given to the passengers after the ticket booking is confirmed. PNR number can also be used as a booking code for the following purposes:

  • For web check-in for the scheduled flight
  • For making various ticket changes like altering a date or canceling etc.
  • If the ticket or boarding pass is lost, you can give your PNR number for re-issuance of ticket.
  • You will need the PNR to retrieve the booking details for all ticket-related issues.

You can find the PNR number in the booking details sent to your given email and contact number and on the boarding pass issued by flydubai.

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