What is The Phone Number for EVA Air 24 7? Customer Assistance

What is The Phone Number for EVA Air 24/7?

EVA Air, or Evergreen Airways, is one of the two largest airlines based in Taiwan. It is a 5-star rated airline by Skytrax and is known for the premium services they offer on the flight to the passengers traveling with them. Along with all the services on board, they also offer excellent customer service. If you need to contact EVA Air customer service for any of your queries or issues related to the travel, there are many ways, including a phone call. 

Passengers traveling with EVA Air are offered customer services over the phone with the help of their accommodating and knowledgeable staff members. If you want to speak to an agent, dial the customer service number at +1-800-695-1188 and follow the steps given below to connect.

  • Make sure that you are dialing the correct number, as mentioned above. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the IVR and press the keys accordingly. 
  • Your call might get a hold-up time; please wait for your call to get through. 
  • Once on the call with an agent, speak to them about your queries/issues. 

What is the phone number for EVA Air Los Angeles?

EVA Air understands the needs of its passengers and provides call services across the world. Many passengers prefer calling the airline as they get a quick resolution to the problems. EVA Air Los Angeles phone number is +1-310-362-6600, available 08:30 - 17:30, Monday to Friday. 

How do I contact EVA Air customer service?     

On some days, the wait time on call is a bit longer than expected. To skip the wait time on call, passengers can also opt for other contact options to get in touch with EVA Air customer service 24 hours and get their problems resolved. 

Connect on social media 

Social media connects millions of users from different places and is an excellent source of contact. EVA Air has its social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. Connect with them on their social media to contact them by messaging directly for your problems. The estimated wait time for a reply on social media is 30 minutes. 

Explore the FAQs page 

Like many airlines, EVA Air has some frequently asked questions and information on its official website for passengers needing assistance with anything. Also, it is recommended for passengers to avail of customer service by themselves by browsing those FAQs before trying to reach someone from the help desk. This indeed will save so much time and provide solutions in no time. 

Submit the feedback 

Passengers also have the option to contact the airline by submitting feedback based on the travel experience. Feedback helps the airline improve. On the official website, find the form and submit it after filling in the required details to get a reply from a live representative from the airline. 

How can I contact EVA Airlines by email? 

There is an option to contact the airline customer service center by sending them an email. Sending an email is a reliable source of options, and a live representative will look into your problem and respond with an answer within 48 hours of sending the mail. Draft a formal message concerning all the issues/queries and send it to csuk@evaair.com

How to obtain an EVA Air refund for a flight ticket?

EVA Air is known as one of the Taiwanese Airways and arranges flight services for willing fliers. Many times, when travelers do not want to continue their services due to some planned change, they can cancel the flights and ask for cancellation. However, the described Airways offers refunds only if the agents are eligible. All the refundable EVA Air amounts are based on specific rules and regulations.

How do I contact Eva Air from the USA for a refund?

Fliers can contact customer agents via Phone because it is one of the fastest ways to approach executives and get instant refund-related answers on the Phone. However, travelers can contact EVA Air customer care number at 1 (800) 695-1188 and follow some essential steps for simple connection with live operators.

  • Passengers can contact the EVA Air customer support center.

  • They can select the specific language as per their choice.

  • Now, travelers should want an agent's presence and ask for a refundable amount.

  • The educated representatives will assist travelers regarding refundable amounts only if they are eligible.

The best suitable time to approach EVA Air live representatives via Phone is 5:30 am to 5:30 pm PST from Monday to Friday. On weekends or US holidays, they can reach representatives from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST only.

How long does an EVA Air refund take?

Refundable ticket amounts are one of the most common questions that almost every flier wants to know prior to any cancellation. If passengers need clarification regarding how long EVA Air takes to refund the amount, they should focus on the shared details. Mainly, the mentioned Airways take approximately 7 to 10 weekdays to refund amounts, especially when travelers buy EVA Air tickets via online or credit card methods.

Otherwise, the mentioned Airlines will take approximately 20 working days if passengers buy flight tickets via Cash. Sometimes, in critical cases, the refundable amount may take up to 25 to 30 days.

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