How to get compensation from Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines compensation claim

Have you traveled with Ethiopian Airlines and faced any issues with the airline? If yes, you can register your complaint with the airline’s representatives. They will review your case and try to resolve it as soon as possible. If they can’t, they may initiate a compensation to your account. If you feel you are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience you had to undergo while traveling, you can apply for compensation. This article will enlighten you with the complete information on Ethiopian compensation. 

How Can I Make A Claim With Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines tries its best to provide its passengers quality and on-time services. However, some conditions cannot be controlled by the airline, but if there is something where Ethiopian Airlines is directly responsible for the trouble a passenger had to face during the trip. They can apply for a refund by following the process below:

  • Visit the Homepage of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • At the top of the page, click “Manage my Booking” and mention the passenger’s last name and reference booking code to retrieve booking.
  • Once you get the booking details, move to the menu and click the “Compensation” option. 
  • Get a form in front of you. Complete the form and mention the reason to apply for compensation. Give your flight and contact details.
  • The airline will review your request, and if you fall under the airline's policies and are eligible for compensation, Ethiopian will forward the amount to your account. 

How long does it take to get refund from Ethiopian Airlines?

The passengers who have applied for a refund will have to wait a little. Ethiopian will look into the matter and policies to determine whether you are eligible for a refund. The process is a little long, and it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to reflect the amount in your source account. If you have booked through a third party, the airline is not answerable to you. You are supposed to contact the agent for all your queries related to refund and compensation. 

How to get compensation from Ethiopian Airlines?

Sometimes, a passenger may feel like their travel was not up to the mark promised by Ethiopian Airlines. In any of these situations, the airline advises its passengers to contact the airline’s representatives or read the policies of Ethiopian airlines compensation claim. They can apply for compensation if they find themselves eligible per the airline’s norms. Simply visit the official page or app of the airline and apply for compensation through “Manage my Booking.” The airline will proceed to complete the formalities and process the compensation to the bank account of the passengers. 

Passengers uncomfortable with the online process can directly connect to the airline’s representatives over a phone call and request compensation. The agent will forward your request, and if you qualify for it as per the norms of Ethiopian Airlines, they will initiate the compensation to your source payment.   

What are the conditions where a passenger is eligible for compensation?

If you have traveled with Ethiopian Airlines and had to undergo any inconvenience, you can apply for compensation from the airline. However, some conditions cannot be controlled by the airline, and thus, they are liable to pay compensation in such cases. Here are the situations mentioned where a passenger can apply for compensation:

  1. Baggage Lost or Damage: The passengers who traveled with the airline lost or damaged their luggage during the trip. In such cases, the airline is responsible for paying for your loss. 
  2. Flight Delay: It can happen that your flight is running late. If your flight is delayed by more than three hours, the airline will compensate you with food and stay. They may arrange another flight for the same destination.
  3. Unable to provide the service: If you paid for an inflight service and the airline could not deliver it, you can apply for compensation from Ethiopian. 


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