Does Emirates charge for baggage?


On Emirates Airlines, you can carry the bags without paying additional costs, but you get to carry within the said limit. When you carry bags more of the permitted weight than you could pay the baggage fees and the doubt as Does Emirates charge for baggage? Could not get into the ways. However, the baggage allocation on Emirates Airlines is mentioned underneath.

Carry on bags

The number of handbags that you can take in the cabin is as follows:-

  • If you have made a reservation in the first or business class, you can take two bags with one personal item. Each bag weighs 7 kg with a dimension of 12x15x8 inches. 

  • Premium economy class travelers could carry one bag weight 10 kg, and economy class could one handbag of weight 7 kg. The size should not exceed 12x15x8 inches.

Checked baggage

When you have to submit the bags to the airline counter, then a provision for that is as follows:-

  • You can carry up to two checked baggage with a dimension of 59 linear inches.

  • And the weight of bags traveling in the economy or premium economy could be 23 kgs each. The maximum weight for the business and fare classes could be 32 kgs each.

  • If your flight route is between UAE and India, you can carry 25 kg in economy class.

  • The economy saver flight operating between Australia and New Zealand is 30 kg.


When you carry more bags than is allowed in the fare, you could get to pay the cost. And the cost of an extra bag depends on the flight routes, and the information about that is illustrated at the bottom:-

  • If you are traveling to or from America, then you could get to pay $225

  • And the flight to Africa may be charged around $200.

  • For the Canada flight, the estimated fee could be $280.


Yes, you can check in with two bags on Emirates Airlines. But you can get this feature in the selected routes, and for the other destination, you might not get to travel with two pieces of bags. Moreover, a piece of information related to this has been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • A passenger traveling on the route American or African then airline allows them to take two checked bags. 

  • And the flight routes within the U.S. and between America to Europe, you can also bring two bags in any class.

  • But these benefits might not be available for a special economy fare.


When you choose to travel in the class, you can take the bags according to their stated provision. In economy class, you get different fare options and baggage allowance. Further, the more details about that you can get from the bottom:-

  • If you travel from America and Africa or between the United State and Europe, you can take one bag to purchase a special fare. But you may have to carry two bags for the saver, flax, and flax plus.

  • Besides this other route, travelers can take one checked bag for any fare type.

Emirates Extra Baggage Charges For International Flights

If the passenger travels internationally, they can bring the baggage according to their travel class. If the travel class is economy, they are allowed to bring on a piece of baggage, and the weight should be 23kg, and the dimension weight should not get exceeded. If the dimensions and the allowance get exceeded, they must pay the charges of $ 500 to $700. Kindly pay attention to the baggage allowance. If passengers need information about the Emirates Extra Baggage Charges for international flights, they can speak with the airline representative. 

Baggage Policy of The Emirates

  • Travelers can bring items like liquid, food, medications, and personal belongings, which should be appropriately labeled and packed. 

  • Passengers should bring the baggage allowance according to their travel class. If they bring more than the allowance, they should pay the charges. 

  • Travelers can buy extra baggage allowance in blocks of 5kg up to 50 kg. If they bring more than this, must pay the charges.

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