How To Claim Compensation For A Delayed Flight On Southwest?

These days, it has become prevalent that flights get delayed due to technical reasons, bad weather conditions, and more reasons. Still, the most important thing is to know what you can do in such situations, as they are inevitable. However, the question comes to mind: Does Southwest compensate for delayed flights? It is based on multiple factors, such as if the Airline notifies you about a delay for longer than 30 minutes, then the Airline is not liable to provide the compensation. Several times, they rebook the flight or offer travel vouchers as compensation.   

Is Southwest compensating passengers?  

Southwest does provide compensation, but it may vary as it is subject to various factors, such as travel distance, booking time, fare type, and furthermore. In case you have met the criteria, then the Airline will be liable to provide compensation of up to $650 only if the flight is canceled 14 days prior to the scheduled departure day. Otherwise, the travelers are responsible for getting compensation in the form of travel and food vouchers, which can be used for future purchases. But you should remember that the Airline only provides compensation if the delayed flight is under controllable situations.


The compensation policy of Southwest Airlines is given below. It will ensure that you get the compensation if you’re eligible per the conditions mentioned in the guidelines. 

  • If your flight is delayed for thirty minutes or more, then you’re eligible to get compensation from Southwest Airlines. 

  • To claim your compensation, you need to connect with the customer service team of Southwest Airlines. 

  • Ensure that you have claimed the compensation within twenty-four hours of the booking. 

  • You’ll be notified of the delay through email and text. 

  • If you’re using a travel card from Southwest Airlines, then it might include your travel insurance. Some cards come with trip protection. 

  • The insurance for the trip delay is going to cover the transportation cost, meals, and lodging. 

Yes, you can get compensation for the delay if you have followed the policy provided above. 


If you have received damaged baggage while traveling with Southwest Airlines or have lost one. In that case, the only thing to think about is what you can do next to get your baggage back or look for compensation for your damaged item. There are specific rules prescribed by the airline under Southwest Airlines delayed baggage policy to recover the lost luggage or compensation for the damage from the airline, which is elaborated on and mentioned here for you as follows.

If the passenger receives a damaged bag, they can contact the airline and ask them for compensation. 

 If you have arrived at your destination and your baggage is delayed, you can go directly to the baggage service officer. 

Once you have complained about your baggage, you can go home, and the airline will deliver it to your address. 

The airline will provide instructions on finding the lost baggage when they make the incident report. 

How long does a flight have to be delayed for compensation Southwest?

The Airline understands the situation and values their traveler's time. If you want to get compensation for a delayed or canceled flight, then the scheduled flight should be delayed for more than 3-4 hours. If the Airline doesn't notify the passengers, then you are liable to claim compensation if the delay is caused due to technical reasons and more. However, the Airline does not provide compensation if the scheduled flight gets delayed due to uncertain circumstances such as bad weather conditions, air traffic, and other similar situations. 


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