What is the phone number for Southwest Airlines customer service

Southwest Airlines Customer Service

If a person is planning a trip and would like to book their flight tickets with Southwest Airlines, they may have some queries to reach the customer service team for support. Do you know what is the phone number for Southwest Airlines customer service? You can reach customer service representative using the contact number: 18004359792. Here you can directly converse with an executive for your travel queries and grab the information you like to take for your flight booking. 

How Do I Contact Southwest Airlines Via email?

If you are wondering about contacting Southwest Airlines via email, you are required to follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines homepage on your browser,
  • Sign in on the page with your account,
  • Locate the Contact Us option,
  • Select the “Send Us an Email” option on the appeared page,
  • Select your reason for sending the email: Complaint, Comment, or Compliment,
  • Then fill out the appeared form with the mandatory information,
  • Then send your email to Southwest Airlines. 

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

If you are wondering to talk to a person on Southwest Airlines, you can use the below contact procedure to connect with a live person on the call:

  • Dial the customer support number of Southwest Airlines 1800-4359-792 on your phone,
  • Select a language you prefer for the calling assistance,
  • Then concentrate on the automated commands:
    • Press 1 to make a reservation,
    • Press 2 to cancel your reservation,
    • Press 3 to change a reservation,
    • Press * to connect with a live person,
  • Your call will be put on hold till a live person avails,
  • After connecting with a live person, communicate your queries.

If your call cannot connect with a live person at customer service, you can opt for the callback option. A person can request a callback from the official to receive assistance.

Steps to request a callback at Southwest Airlines:

  • Go to the contact us page of Southwest on your browser,
  • Locate the Callback form on the page,
  • Fill in the contact details on the Callback Form,
  • State your question for which you need calling assistance,
  • Mention the preferred timing or date for the callback,
  • Then submit the callback request at Southwest Airlines.

Following these steps, the callback request will reach the Southwest Airlines customer service team, and you will receive a call from an official on your mentioned timing and date. 

What Does A Customer Service Agent Do At Southwest Airlines?

The customer service agent does several various things at Southwest Airlines. They help customers with their queries and provide support for a better travel experience. A person can reach out to customer service and take assistance from the agent for the following reasons:

  • Reservation: A person can get through to the agent to make a reservation on a Southwest Airlines flight. The agent can help you to reserve a seat quickly at your preferred destination. 
  • Cancellation or Refund: If a person has already reserved a set with them that they require to cancel, then connecting with an agent can help you with the cancellation procedure and also submit a refund request for the canceled flight.
  • Discounts and Offers: If you would like a discount on the flight reservation at Southwest, you can contact an agent to ask for available offers or discounts.
  • Baggage Allowance: If you are traveling with Southwest for the first time and require to learn about the baggage allowance, then you can contact the agent to obtain the information.
  • Complaint: If a person has a complaint to file at Southwest, then getting through customer service and talking with an agent can help you with your complaint. 

Does Southwest Airlines have a Live Chat?

Yes, Southwest Airlines have a live chat option for the customers to take help from a person from the customer service team online. You can connect with a live person very quickly on the live chat. The required steps for contacting a person via live chat are given below:

  • Go to the homepage of Southwest on your device,
  • Select the Contact Us option to go to a new page,
  • Then choose the option ”Chat With Us” on the given appeared page.
  • Select the “Start Chat” button on the box that appeared on your screen,
  • Type your query in the box and send it to the live person,
  • The person will reply to your queries and support you through live chat.

Using these steps, you can communicate with a live person from Southwest Airlines to resolve your queries without spending much time.

Does Southwest Airlines Have Social Media For Customer Support? 

Yes, Southwest Airlines have social media accounts for supporting customers. A person can reach out to the agent on a site of their choice. You can either message them in the inbox directly or add your questions in the comments. The response of an official is very quick on social media sites. Below are the steps for contacting Southwest on social media:

  • Go to their homepage on your browser,
  • Scroll the homepage till the end,
  • You will see a number of social media sites option,
  • Choose one of the social media as per your choice,
  • Then send your query to customer service. 

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