How to Claim Lost Baggage Lufthansa

How To Claim Lost Baggage Lufthansa? 

Many passengers, while traveling through Lufthansa Airlines to their destination, complain about their luggage either being lost or delayed to their arrival destination. If you have also recently faced a similar issue and you are searching “How can I contact Lufthansa for baggage claim?” then you can use the related information provided in the upcoming section. 

Lufthansa Airline is a Lufthansa-based Airline that is the flag carrier of Germany. Also, it is the second largest Airline in Europe. Landing on  How to claim lost baggage lufthansa? Thus, the Airline staff are always eager to rejoin their passengers' bags with them, and they always fairly compensate their passengers if the passenger suffers from the problem of lost baggage or damaged property. So, do not worry if you lose your baggage with Lufthansa. You will get fair compensation for that. If the passenger lost their baggage at the Airport, then they can claim it by complaining to the Airport authority. 

What is The Process of Claiming Baggage Through an Online Process? 

If you realize that you lost your bag or you find your property damaged after reaching home, then you can claim it online. Lufthansa gives you the liberty to claim your lost baggage online. You can read the following guidance to claim your lost baggage. 

First of all, sign in to the lufthansa website,

  • Click on the help tab available on the webpage. 

  • You can click on the delayed option on the appeared page,

  • Open the "Baggage Compensation Claim" option. 

  • Fill it with the necessary details like contact number, flight number, and email id,

  • Add the reference number of your lodge report,

  • And then press the submit button.

Your compensation will be credited to your account soon. 

Does Lufthansa Reimburse for Delayed Baggage? 

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines reimburse their passengers for delayed baggage. If your baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed by Lufthansa, then you can make a claim for a refund. In the case of delayed baggage, you can claim your refund for essential things like toothbrushes and clothes, etc., you can show your bills to the airline, and they will pay you the amount within 7 to 14 business days. You can claim your delayed baggage reimbursement by using the online method, or you can make it at the Lufthansa baggage tracing desk at the Airport. And if you didn't find your baggage after half an hour of landing, then you have to wait at least two hours. Sometimes, baggage takes longer to deliver. 

How Much Does Lufthansa Pay for Lost Luggage?

If your baggage is lost at the Airport, then you must wait for two to three days. If the baggage wasn't found by then, then you have to make a lost baggage complaint via an online method. You must be wondering how much Lufthansa will pay you for the lost baggage. So, Lufthansa prices start from 1500 euros. You will get these prices as a refund.

What is the process for filing a Lufthansa baggage claim?

If you are wondering about the process to fill baggage claim on Lufthansa, then you are required to follow the online instructions sequentially given below:

  • Start the process by visiting on the official website of Lufthansa.

  • Navigate to the baggage section from the drop-down menu list provided on the right of the home panel.

  • As you reach the “problem with baggage” page, you need to tap on the baggage claim form.

  • To begin the process, you must enter flight details to load the form.

  • As the form generates, you must fill all the fields marked with stars indicating mandatory fields.

  • Attach the receipts of your bookings, bag tags, and all other relevant supporting documents.

  • Click on the submit button after giving a quick reason for your claim in the message box.

What is Lufthansa lost or delayed baggage compensation policies?

Those customers who wish to fill out the contact form of Lufthansa to complaint about their lost item must go through important compensation policies of the airline given below:

  • If your bags are delayed, you can report it up to 21 days from the date on your baggage receipt.

  • For delayed baggage, an airline provides reimbursement for necessary replacement clothes and other toiletries. 

  • Travelers must carry all valuable items, such as jewelry, money, or laptops, in their carry-on bag; hence no compensation will be provided for their loss. 

  • Normal scratches and dents are not eligible to fall under compensation. 

How Do I Report Lost Or Delayed Luggage With Lufthansa?

If, after completing your journey with Lufthansa, your luggage is still not received at your destination or it is lost during your journey, then you must immediately be informed about it at the airport luggage office. If you wish, you can also report it by contacting the customer care services of the airline. You must dial the official contact number of the airline according to your country, and as the call gets responded to by an automated voice, you must listen to the instructions carefully to get in contact with corresponding representatives; you must press one number from the following IVR menu:

Press 1: For bookings

Press 3: For cancellations

Press 5: To modify your bookings

Press 7: For miles-related issues

Press 9: For luggage-related problems

Press #: For special assistance

Soon after dialing one number, your call will be forwarded and attended by the corresponding Lufthansa representative; You can report your lost property. 

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