Does Air Europa offer refunds?

Can I get a refund on Air Europa?

Yes, you can get a refund on Air Europa, if you make a cancellation within 24 hours of the reservation, or you have canceled the ticket seven days before the departure. Your Air Europa refund will be disbursed on your same payment form which is used for buying the ticket from them.

How can I cancel my flight with Air Europa? 

You can cancel your flight with Air Europa by various methods, which are mentioned below:

  • Go to the official page and utilize the online method to cancel some steps, such as going to "My Trip" and logging in to cancel the flight. 
  • You can also call the airline number 1844415-3955 and ask them about cancellation restrictions and charges to make your journey effortless. 

Why can't I change my Air Europa flight?

You can't change your Air Europa flight due to already modifications made to your flight before. You can call the airline number and confirm the reason for not changing your flight to amenities or services. 

How long does Air Auropa take to refund ?

Air Europa is the renowned and the third largest Airline in Spain. It offers its passengers impressive hospitality and never misses an opportunity to help them. It happens because of unfortunate circumstances. The passengers had to cancel their flight, and then they have yet to determine whether they will get their refund for the missed flight or Does Air Europa offers refunds? All Airlines have a policy for it, and before you request a refund, you should know under what circumstances you will be eligible to get a refund:


  • If you have canceled your flight within 24 hours of booking, you can get your refund from Air Europa.

  • If you have canceled your flight because of some medical emergency, you can request a refund by submitting the related documents.

  • If you have booked a refundable ticket, you can have your refund after the cancellation.

  • According to Air Europa's refund policy, if the flight was canceled by the Airline because of weather conditions or some other emergencies, the entire amount will be refunded.

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