How Do I Claim My Qatar Airways compensation?

How Do I File A complaint With Qatar Airways?

If you have recently traveled with Qatar Airways and experienced some inconvenience during your trip and are wondering how do I file a complaint with Qatar Airways? You should fill out a complaint form to let them know about your inconvenience. 

Steps for filing a complaint form online:

  • Head to the homepage of Qatar and log in to the website with your account,

  • Then select the Help option provided on the homepage,

  • Select the Feedback tab on the appeared page,

  • A form will show on the same page,

  • Select Complaint in the “Feedback Type” column,

  • Then fill out the other mandatory columns of the form,

  • Next, add your trip details for Qatar Airways,

  • Write your complaint briefly in the given space,

  • Attach any document to support your complaint,

  • Next, use the Submit button to send the complaint to Qatar Airways customer service.

Does Qatar Airways respond to complaints?

If you have sent a complaint to Qatar Airways and are thinking about whether they will respond to the complaint or not, they do. Majorly people receive an apology for the inconvenience they have faced during their travel with Qatar, and many times they also compensate the passengers as per the situation. The response for a complaint is a maximum of 20 to 30 days at Qatar Airways. 

Where can I complain to Qatar Airways?

You can complain to Qatar Airways by contacting customer service and talking with an official. You can file a complaint through various ways, which are listed down below:

  • Feedback Form: Use the Feedback option on the Qatar Airways site for filing your complaint online. Pick the complaint option and fill the form with appropriate details, then submit to send the complaint to customer service. 

  • Calling Customer service: You can communicate with an official to file your complaint and reach out to them by calling Qatar Airways customer service. 

  • Sending an Email: You can directly send an email to the Qatar customer support team for the complaint. Draft an email explaining the inconvenience, add your contact details along with your flight information, and send it to 

  • Reaching to the Help desk: If you are at the Qatar Airways Airport and like to file a complaint about anything, reach out to the help desk quickly, communicate with a representative, and report the complaint. 

How do I escalate a complaint with Qatar Airways?

You must escalate your complaint with Qatar Airways by connecting with an official. The quickest way of filing a complaint is to reach out to the customer service, communicate with an official and ask to file your complaint by providing the necessary details. 

Steps To Call Qatar Airways For Filling a Complaint:

  • Dial the customer service contact number: 1 877 777 2827,

  • Adhere to the instructions you hear on the call,

  • Connect with a live person from Qatar Airways,

  • Then explain the issue or inconvenience you have faced on your journey,

  • Give the flight information to the connected person,

  • The person will file your complaint on the call,

  • You will receive a copy of the complaint in your email.


With these steps, you can escalate a complaint with Qatar Airways. The live person will help you with that and will process your complaint further. 

How To Claim Qatar Airways Travel Voucher

If you have traveled with Qatar Airways and you have collected travel vouchers, then you can utilize them to purchase flight tickets for your upcoming journey. If you are searching “How to claim Qatar airways travel voucher?” Then you must follow the online instructions described below.

Online Procedure to Make Qatar Airways Flight Reservation Using Travel Vouchers:

  • Visit the official Qatar Airways website.

  • Discover your desired flight under the “book” section. To find your desired flight option, enter the point of origin, destination, trip type, number of passengers, and traveling dates. 

  • Passenger’s details must be carefully filled; customers must take care that they use the same information at the time of travel voucher registration.

  • Navigate to the payment page.

  • Scroll to the trip summary section.

  • Under the “redeem voucher” section, apply your traveling code and make the remaining payment.

  • If you have any doubts about claiming your voucher, you can contact Qatar customer services.

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