Can you Upgrade on Air Tahiti?

How do I upgrade my seat on Air Tahiti

Every traveler wishes to experience more comfortable and luxurious services while flying to their destination. Air Tahiti allows its passengers to upgrade their seats after making reservations with the Airline. So let's see if Can you Upgrade on Air Tahiti to get your desired seat services. Yes, you can make upgrades, but before you step ahead, you are suggested to go through the relevant policy rules, by following the given guidelines you can fix your issues related to How do I upgrade my seat on Air Tahiti as mention .

What is Air Tahiti Upgrade Policy?

It would be beneficial for you if you stay aware of the procedure and criteria for making upgrades with Tahiti Air. You can refer to the following bullet points for an idea of the upgrade system of the Airline. 

  • Maeva Plusgrade is the upgrade service offered by Air Tahiti Nui that gives you to bid for an upgrade on flights operated by the Airline. 

  • The "Maeva Plusgrade" scheme is available to any passenger occupying a seat with a ticket whose number begins with "244" and was reserved through the Amadeus reservation system.

  • Only those flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui having a number starting with "TN" are eligible for the "Maeva Plusgrade" offer.

  • If your reservation was made through a system other than Amadeus, then you are not eligible to use the "Maeva Plusgrade" offer.

  • If the fare basis of your ticket is *NOBGPF or **NOBGPF or **PMB1PF or **FCS1PF, then you are not eligible for an upgrade.

  •  If the fare basis of your ticket is Tier 1A/1B or confirmed ZED 1A/1B or ZED MIBA or confirmed ZED MIBA, the upgrade is not available to you.

  • The upgrade is unavailable if your booking class is F, R, I, U, G, X, N.

  •  You will not be upgraded if your ticket is issued by a different airline or with a flight number other than TN.

  • You will not get an upgrade offer if you have a pet cabin.

  • If you are traveling in a group of 10 people and more booked under the same booking reference, then upgrade service is not for you.

Can you upgrade seats on Air Tahiti Nui?

Yes, Air Tahiti Nui allows you to upgrade your seats through an easy online auction process that is only available to Maeva Plusgrade. It is straightforward to check your Air Tahiti Nui seat upgrade eligibility through their official website. Once you have purchased your seat and the concerned airlines have confirmed your reservation, you must log in to the Maeva Plusgrade. You need to follow the prompts appearing on the screen and check your eligibility. If your seat is not associated with your ticket, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the official website of Air Tahiti Nui.
  • Tap the 'Manage my booking' tab to continue.
  • Enter your details, such as last name, etc.
  • Press submit, and your flight details will appear.
  • Select your seat and edit your bookings.

What is the cost of an upgrade with Air Tahiti?

Well, the cost of upgrades depends on the class you are upgrading your reservation to and the destination you are flying to. If you are seeking to know how much does it cost to upgrade on an Air Tahiti flight then it is informed that there is a range of costs from US$ 250 to 1025 one way. It can be more or lesser as per your distance and destination.

Is it cheaper to upgrade Air Tahiti during check-in?

The upgrade might be cheaper or costly depending upon the class you are upgrading to and the distance you will cover. If you are eligible under the upgrade system of the Air Tahiti, then you will get a free or cheaper upgrade. Some eligibility criteria are given here if you are looking to know that is it cheaper to upgrade Air Tahiti during check in, for your reference.

  • If your ticket number starts with 244, then you will get an upgrade at lower prices

  • If the ticket number has a TN prefix, you will also get a cheaper upgrade while checking in.


To get more in-depth knowledge regarding How do I upgrade my seat on Air Tahiti, you are requested to visit Air Tahiti's official site.

Does Air Tahiti Nui have premium economy seats?

Air Tahiti Nui provides premium economy seats to its passengers, named 'Moana Premium,' with comfortable seats and excellent ambiance. It offers multiple entertainment services and other facilities to its flyers, like a USB port to charge your devices, a touch control, a 13-inch diagonal touch screen for watching movies, playing music, etc. The premium economy seats also provide extra legroom and wide seats, making your flying experience with Air Tahiti Nui much more comfortable.

Does Air Tahiti Nui charge for seats?

Once you have found the appropriate solution, 'Can you upgrade seats on Air Tahiti Nui?' You must consider the fee you must pay for the seat upgrade. The seat upgrade fee you need to pay depends totally on the fare of your seat type. The most expensive seats are the extra comfort and preference seats. You can visit the concerned airlines' website for seat prices. Only if you are a Club Tiare Gold Member can you book your seat for free.

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