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Know About Easyjet Seat Upgrade

Easyjet is a British Airways that flies to many travel route networks and areas. Sometimes people who have already booked with Easyjet Airways want to upgrade and change their seats. Still, since they don’t know the process and procedures of seat upgradation, they wonder and think, “Can you upgrade on easyJet flights?”  to enjoy the exclusive benefits of higher class on Easyjet flights. This article can help you upgrade your sets from economy class to business and first-class seats and other relevant details, which allow your carefree traveling with Easyjet Airline scheduled flights.

How Can you Upgrade on EasyJet Flights?

Passengers can upgrade their seats due to flexible policies offered by the easyJet airline. You can choose the better seat to make your journey comfortable. To upgrade the flight, you can use the “manage booking” option available on the Easyjet website and also need to follow the below steps: 

  • Visit the Easyjet Airways official website.
  • Then, go to the “manage booking” page available on their page.
  • After that, passengers need to enter their last name and PNR number mentioned on their Easyjet flight ticket.
  • Now, click the “retrieve booking” button.
  • You will redirect to the next page, wherein your booking information will be shown on your screen.
  • And then, you have to tap on the “upgrade your seat” button.
  • Now, you can upgrade your seats with the help of a seat map.
  • Choose your desired seat, which depends on the availability of seats on your flight.
  • Then, move forward and pay the extra fee for upgrading seats on Easyjet Airways flights.
  • Now, click the continue button.
  • After some time, the passenger will receive the confirmation of seat upgradation on his booking.

Can you upgrade seat after check in easyJet?

No, Easyjet Airways don’t allow for seat upgrade after checking in for their flight. However, still, they can contact Easyjet Airways customer service to communicate with their officials. Then they can know whether the last-minute seat upgradation whether it is possible; if a seat is available on his booking, he may upgrade to business premium or first class seats. Passengers can also easily upgrade their seats at the time of web check-in by going through their website check-in page and following their steps.

How do I upgrade to speedy boarding on easyJet?

Passengers who want to reserve their booking for speedy boarding then he can read the below-mentioned steps and follow them to upgrade for speedy boarding through the “manage booking” page:

  • People can either open their official website or their mobile application.
  • Then you can visit the “manage booking” option.
  • Now, write your booking reference number and last name already given in the ticket.
  • Then, click the “Continue” button.
  • After that, you will redirect to your booking information page.
  • Now, you need to scroll down your page.
  • Then, click the “upgrade your speedy boarding” option on your screen.
  • Afterward, you may ask to pay the required amount as a fee.
  • Then, you need to follow on-screen instructions.
  • A confirmation email will sent to your official email id.

How do I upgrade from 15kg to 23kg on easyJet?

Sometimes people who have already made their booking with Easyjet Airline will board their flight quickly, and now he wants to upgrade their luggage weight since while they are packing their stuff, they get to know that they need to upgrade their baggage weight. So, they want to know the process and steps to upgrade the limit of their luggage from 15 kg to 23 kg. 

  • Passengers can go to the airport, call their customer service to know all baggage allowances, upgrade their luggage weight limit, and other baggage-related services.
  • Passengers can add 3 kg more to their luggage at the time of initial and after booking.
  • People carrying hold bags can upgrade their bags after they have made a reservation from 15 kg to 27 kg.
  • Travelers need to pay £12 for excessing the pre-booked weight of their hold item.

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