Can I Get a Refund From Thai Airways

Can I Get My Money Back From Thai Airways?

While booking flights, it’s become mandatory to check the refund policy. We always planned our international trips and meetings in advance. There is always a chance that emergencies like medical or loss of some closed ones can lead to cancellation or delay in flights. Life is unpredictable, and it can pose some unavoidable circumstances. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to look at the cancellation policy so that it would be easy for you to make changes to your flight at the least possible fee or charges. Let’s understand the Thai airways refund policy in detail Can I get my money back from Thai Airways?

What Thai Airways Have To Say About Their Refund Policy?

In case you have to cancel, amend, or no-show the flight, there are a few questions in your mind. Questions like, is Thai Airways paying refunds? Read the points shared with you below:

  • If amendments or cancellations are made on the complete package, then applicable fees would be expected from you to pay, depending on the policies for an individual element at the time of your booking.  
  • If amendment or cancellation is made but in part is not possible because of the limitations attached to the ticket types policies, including hotel rates or non-refundable, subject to the booking process.
  • However, if it is agreeable to make changes, the passengers must pay an additional fee. This adds hotel, flight hotel, tour provider or rental Company, etc.
  • The total amount would be charged for a no-show booking due to the rules made by the airline.
  • Once you start to travel and cannot use any provided services by the airline demanded at the time of purchasing a ticket. Thai airways give no refund.
  • You are supposed to pay charges that are asked by the third-party suppliers.
  • A refund is always credited to your credit card that is used for booking a ticket after excluding the refund fee.

Thai Airways is refunding, but how long does it take for Thai Airways to refund? Let’s figure it out.

Thai Airways Refunds

Why is Thai Airways not refunding flights? No, Thai airways are paying the passengers having pending ticket refund requests as they are eligible to change their refund request to a THAI travel voucher. This will be used as a credit to issue new tickets that can be used for future traveling operated by THAI or THAI Smile. However, this is valid till 31 December 2022.  

When Will I Get My Refund Back? 

Usually, refunds are credited to a credit card, visa, master, or debit card used to make payment with refund charges decided by the airline.

In case of eligible refunds via credit card, Thai airways priorities to pay that within 7 days after a complete request for refund. Sometimes, the time taken for refund processing depends on the process of the credit card issuing bank. Is Thai Airways paying refunds? If you book a ticket via check or cash, Thai airways guarantee a refund in 20 days.

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