How Can I change passenger name Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Change Passenger

Yes, the passenger name can be changed to Cebu Pacific. But changing a name on an itinerary is based on the ticket rule and routes. Further, if you are unsure of the ways to perform a request and getting a confusion, such as Can I change passenger name Cebu Pacific? Then carry on reading to the subheading. 

The Process Of Changing The Name Of Cebu Pacific

On Cebu Pacific, you can locate distinct modes to change a name in the itinerary, and clues for using those are displayed at the bottom.

Via call

When you are willing to grab an aid for a name change with the customer service of the airline, then give it a ring. In this manner, you can share your concern with the live person, and the phone number is +61-2-9119-2956. After that, choose an official language from the IVR and then select one from the ahead shared menu such as:-

  • Press1 for low-fare inquiry

  • Press6 for existing booking 

  • And then press1 for flight change

  • Press3 to change the Name

  • Press9 to contact customer service

Via online

When you find trouble approaching customer service on call, then use online modes and perform the process by yourself. Further, the step regarding the process has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Head to Cebu Pacific's official web page

  • Further, click on the manage booking options

  • Now, you can submit your booking reference number with the email or last Name and click on the continue options.

  • After that, click on the name change options.

  • And then, omit the incorrect Name and click on the confirm option 

  • On the next tab, pay with the available sources and click on confirm icon.

  • Then an approval message could be received in the register number and email.

Via airline counter

When you are not able to pursue your name change request with any of the online modes, then get to a nearby airline counter. An airline has offices in its operating destination, and if you have any sort of request related to airline service, then reach out to them. When your appeal has been approved, then you could acquire a newly printed ticket and a copy in an email.

How can I change the passenger name Cebu Pacific?

While making the Cebu Pacific reservation, there can be a typo error. And you realize this after checking the flight tickets. Mismatch on the passport name and ticket name, you will be denied entry at the boarding gate. Therefore you need to rectify your name. How can I change the passenger name Cebu Pacific? The airline allows changing the name online. 

Steps to change the ticket name online

Passengers need to visit the website or open the app on their device. Check the steps shared below: 

  • Click on the Manage Booking. 
  • Enter the information such as Booking Reference Number and last name. 
  • Click on the Continue button. 
  • Select the Change flight option. 
  • Rectify the typo errors. 
  • Make the payment if required. 
  • Click on the Submit button. 

If you have any trouble, passengers can contact customer support at the airport before check-in. They will guide you to change the name on the reservation. However, you need to follow certain guidelines. 

How Much Does it Cost You To Change The Name On A Plane Ticket To Cebu Pacific?

When you have to change a name on the Cebu Pacific, then you can omit your Name without paying any penalty within a grace period. However, if you have crossed this interval, then you may have to pay a name change fee of around $30 to $300, depending on the nature of the flight ticket. When you need accurate information, then approach its customer service team.

Cebu Pacific Change Name policy

Whenever you are seeking to omit a name on an airline, then you have to comply with the name change policy. Moreover, you can get the provision details from the bottom:-

  • When you get to change the Name of three characters within 24 hours of booking, then you can perform the process without any penalty. However, there is to be a difference of seven days or more in ticket purchase and departure dates.

  • When you get to omit more than three characters, then you have to pay an additional sum for that. Apart from this, you may have to show identification proof too.

  • A passenger may not be able to change a complete name in the itinerary.

  • You can add a middle name or enlarge your initials without getting charged additionally. 

  • When you have to change a name by marriage or divorce, then you get to present the certificate for the same.

  • If you had chosen a travel agent to conduct a reservation, then you had to reach out to them only because the airline might not take cognizance of these.


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