United Airlines Carry on Bag Size

Can I carry a backpack and carry-on United?

United Airlines is the primary choice of passengers because of its standard and premium flight services. The airline is headquartered in Illinois, United States, and operates flight services on international and domestic routes worldwide. It is essential to know about the baggage policies, as most passengers face extra baggage at the time of security check-in. At that time, they need to pay an additional amount for that. The question might arise: Can I carry a backpack and carry-on United? To get the answer to the question, you can read the content given below. The essential points related to the policy of the airlines are given here: 

  1. For a Carry-on bag: The customers can take one carry-on bag for, i.e., with no extra fee. The maximum size of the baggage allowed must be 9 in. * 14 in. * 22 in. (i.e, 22cm * 35 cm * 56 cm). If the size exceeds the given limits, passengers will be required to pay some extra charges. 

  2. For a Personal Item: Every passenger can carry a personal item with them, and no extra fee will be charged by the airlines. The prescribed dimensions are 9 in. * 10 in. * 17 in. (22cm * 25 cm * 43 cm). The list of personal items includes Backpacks, laptop bags, and shoulder bags, which must fit under the seat or in front of you. 

How strict is United Airlines about carry-on size?

The airline is specific about the carry-on baggage size. For carry-on baggage, the size and dimensions of the bag must not exceed 9 inches * 14 inches * 22 inches (22cm * 35cm * 56cm). If the baggage size exceeds the limit, the passenger will be required to pay the extra fees for additional baggage. 

Is there a weight limit for carry-on United?

The passengers boarding the flight will have to carry their luggage as per the airline's policy. No maximum weight is prescribed by the airlines, but it must fit as per the carry-on bag allowed. The baggage must be acceptable on the board. 

What Is The Size And Weight For Hand Carry-on United Airlines?

The hand carry-on bag size must be 9 in * 14 in * 22 in (22cm * 35 cm * 56cm). The hand carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin and include handles or wheels. 

Mention The Prescribed Fees For Extra baggage in The United Airlines

  • If the passenger is traveling in the Economy class, the checked baggage fees will be up to $200 per item (must weigh around 70 pounds, i.e., 32 kilograms). The amount of fees will vary as per the destination.

  •  For the First checked baggage, airlines will charge $30; for the second, it will be $40; and for the third, it will be $150 (each way). 

  • For a one overhead carry-on, airlines will charge $25 (each way). 

  • One can calculate the fees for additional baggage from the airline's official website also (by following the on-page instructions). 

  • The airlines will charge a separate additional fee from the passenger for each excess bag. 

If the customer faces any other queries, they can contact the customer support team of the airline through the numerous methods available to them, or they might also choose to visit the airport. 

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