American Airlines Voucher Balance


American Airlines provides vouchers to its passengers generally when they cancel their flight or when a flight is cancelled, changed, etc. The vouchers have a validity of 1 year from the date of issuance, and you can use them to book your future flight. Besides, if you don't know, how Do I Check My American Airlines Voucher Balance? You can check it online by visiting the eVoucher check balance page. Moreover, if you want to know how to use the voucher, Follow the simple steps below.


  • To redeem your American Airlines voucher, go to the flight booking page of American Airlines. 

  • You can provide departure and arrival-related information, enter the number of passengers, etc.

  • Search the flight and select the most appropriate one 

  • Follow the general booking procedure, and on the payment page, select 'other forms of payment.'

  • Provide your travel voucher number and PIN 

  • The airline allows you to use up to 8 travel vouchers simultaneously. 

In addition to the procedure above, you can also take the help of American Airlines customer service to help you in this regard. You can call the airline and request to book the flight ticket using travel vouchers. Provide the details, and they will help you to book the ticket at your end.

So by going through the information above, you must have gotten the clarity about How Do I Use My American Airlines Voucher? If you still need some help or are confused, you can visit the travel voucher page of American Airlines on its website.


Travel voucher money-saving key while booking your ticket. You can use the travel voucher on the AA while purchasing the flight ticket. You can use it while making reservations online mode. But How do I use a travel voucher on the AA? You can follow the procedure below that will help you apply for the voucher without any hassle. 

  • You can visit the official page of American Airlines.
  • After that, select your suitable flight and tap on it.
  • The page will redirect you to the payment panel, and there choose the “other form of payment” option. 
  • Now you can fill in the travel voucher number and PIN at the applying voucher tab.
  • Last, it automatically reduces the flight fare, and you can now buy it at a much higher price. 

Paper vouchers

You can also pay for your suitable flight with the help of a paper voucher, but you need to connect with the reservation through the toll-free number 800-433-7300. 

Terms and conditions for using the voucher are mentioned below 

You can apply for the voucher up to 8 times. In case the total flight fare for the ticket is more than the value of the voucher, you need to use the credit card for the remaining amount.

  • The voucher is only valid for flights, and you cannot use it to buy extras such as seats and bags. 
  • Airlines allow the passenger to apply for a voucher if the person is a travel voucher holder, and that respective passenger can book travel for anyone.
  • Airline authorities will not replace the e-voucher if it is lost or stolen.

How long are American Airlines Vouchers good for?

According to American Airlines policy, once you have got the voucher, then it will be good for 1 year, and after one year, it might expire. You can use the voucher from the date of issue 


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