American Airlines Pet Travel Policy

How Much Is The Pet Fee on American Airlines?

If you want to make bookings on American Airlines and like to bring your pet on the flight with American Airlines, then you have to pay the charges while booking. Do you know, how much is the pet fee on American Airlines? The fee range varies for different pets, which are listed down:

  • Carry-On Pets are charged $155 per kennel.

  • Service Animals can fly for free on American Airlines Flight,

  • Cargo Pet prices can only be checked in at the time of booking.

The pet fee will vary depending on the destination you are flying, add a pet while booking the flight ticket and check the cost at that time.


If you like to fly with your pet on American Airlines flights, then read the policies before booking:

Carry-On Pets

  • Cats and dogs are considered carry-on pets only.

  • The weight and size must be within the limit criteria for the flying destination.

  • The passengers will not be allowed to bring a bag for the carry-on if they are flying with a pet. 

  • The pet will be kept in the kennel or under the seat throughout the journey.

Checked Pets

  • On official orders, checked pets are allowed for active duty US military and to the US State Department Foreign Service personnel.

  • You must contact the reservation center to fly with your pet at least 28 hours before your flight departure.

  • A Health Certificate must be submitted to the pet before flying.

  • Two pets can be booked only as checked pets per passenger.

Service Animals

  • Trained dogs can fly on American Airlines flights without additional charges.

  • Advance notice must be submitted at the airlines to fly with a service animal.

  • Emotional support and comfort pets are not counted as service animals.

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