Allegiant Carry on Bag Size

How Much Is Carry On Bag for Allegiant?

Allegiant Air is an economical and inexpensive flag carrier. The airline is headquartered in Nevada, United States, and is known for offering supreme quality services to customers. If, after booking the flight tickets, the customer needs clarification about the baggage allowed on the flight and the price for excess baggage. The question might arise: How much is carry-on bag for Allegiant? If the baggage size limit exceeds the allowed, you will have to pay extra fees to the agent for the same. The significant points related to the baggage policy of the airlines are given here below: 

Allegiant Carry On Bag Size

  1. One Free Personal Item: Every passenger can bring one personal item, and no extra fees will be charged. The dimensions of the personal bag must not exceed 8 in. * 14 in. * 18 in. (i.e, 20cm * 35cm * 45cm). The personal items included by the airline in the list include a briefcase, purse, or small backpack) and these items must get stored underneath the seat. 

  2. Carry-on baggage: The passenger's carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin. The size of the carry-on bags must not exceed 10 in * 16 in * 22 in (i.e., 25cm * 40cm * 55cm). The carry-on bag includes a roll-abroad or garment bag. 

  3. Checked bags: The customer can pre-purchase the checked baggage; the maximum allowed per passenger is up to 4. The weight allowed for checked bags must be approximately 50 pounds (22 kilograms). The maximum dimensions allowed is 80 linear inches (i.e., 203 cm) (in height + width + length). If the size exceeds 50 pounds, then you will be required to pay for it.  

Does Allegiant Have Free Carry On? 

The passengers can bring one personal item on board with no extra fees. Specific fees will be applied if they want to bring carry-on bags or checked luggage. The prices at the airport are considered the highest, so before you take off the bags, reserve it from a "Manage Booking" option.

Do You Have To Pay For A Carry On On Allegiant?

The airlines will not charge extra baggage fees if the prescribed limit does not exceed. For a carry-on item, if there are extra additions while making a reservation, airlines will charge $15 to $41. The price will vary according to the route and destination. If additions for baggage are made between the flight booking and departure, then the fees will be $45. If applied from the ticket counter, the price will be $50; at the gate, it is approximately $75. You are advised to add baggage wherever the extra fee is lowest.

How Strict Is Allegiant On Carry on size? 

The baggage policy of the airlines is super restrictive for the safety of the passengers. All personal and carry-on items must completely fit underneath the seat or in the overhead space of the bin. The passengers must get their baggage checked and verified before boarding, and the size must be at most 10 in * 16 in * 22 in. 

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