Aegean Manage Booking - Where Do I Find My AEGEAN Ticket Number

Where Do I Find My AEGEAN Ticket Number

The ticket number or booking number consists of 13 digits code or a unique code for an individual reservation. It is also known as a confirmation number or agean reference number. If you are looking for Where do I find my AEGEAN ticket number, passengers can easily find this on the ticket, travel document, booking confirmation email, or text. If you lost your ticket number, travelers can check it to manage reservations on the official website. 

  • You should reach the Aegean Airlines official website and click on my bookings to find the ticket number.

  • Travelers need to enter the required information like PNR number and last name mentioned on the itinerary. Else you can click on the missing booking confirmation email.

  • The screen will display the booked itinerary details where you can see your 13 digits booking number or reference number.

You can also check the confirmation email you received while booking the itinerary on your Gmail or other email account. 

Does Aegean Airlines Require A Printed Boarding Pass?

Passengers can receive the boarding pass on the phone as a mobile boarding pass or take a printout. You can collect your boarding pass from a kiosk at the Airport or the check-in counter. If you have already done web check-in, proceed with the booth to save time during the travel day.

  • When you reach the Airport, kindly visit the Airline kiosk check-in point.

  • You need to enter the itinerary details like the PNR number and the last name mentioned on the itinerary, and the screen will show the generated boarding pass to collect it.

  • Now passengers may go to the Baggage drop counter to proceed with the security check-in; after completing the process, they reach the Boarding gate half an hour before Departure.

How Do I Add Aegean Tickets To My Wallet?

You can add an Aegean ticket to the wallet if passengers proceed for web check-in; available 24 hours before the Scheduled Flight and closes 2 hours after the Departure. To Know How do I add Aegean tickets to my wallet, Once you complete the online check-in process, you will add the mobile boarding pass to your Apple Wallet.

  • When the screen displays the option to add a mobile boarding pass to your Apple wallet.

  • Once you click confirm, the boarding pass will appear with an add button in the upper right corner.

  • Now kindly click on ADD, and a mobile boarding pass will be added to the Apple Wallet Application.

How long before a flight traveler can check in to Aegean?

Passengers who have reservations with Aegean Airlines can check in online and at the Airport. You can check in online 48 to 24 hours after the Scheduled flight and up to 30 minutes before the Departure. Those who want to check in at the Airport must reach the Airport 3 hours before the International Scheduled Flight and 2 hours before the domestic flight. The check-in counter closes 60 minutes before International flight departure and 30 minutes before the domestic flight Scheduled Departure.

Can passengers get boarding passes without check-in?

To get the boarding pass, passengers should check in online or at the Airport with the help of a kiosk or visit the check-in counter, as it  is required during  Boarding gate.

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